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Does anyone know about Lisa, Nina's daughter?
I read an article a while back that she
sings and was starting a career herself...
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    Re: Lisa Simone

    Fri, January 16, 2004 - 6:15 AM
    hopefully the talent is hereditary, yes?
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      Re: Lisa Simone

      Tue, January 27, 2004 - 10:39 AM
      Did a little research on Nina's daughter, Lisa Simone Kelly.
      Apparently the talent is hereditary.
      Here's what I've found...

      The singer-actress Simone was born Lisa Celeste Stroud to Nina Simone and her then-husband-and-manager Andrew Stroud. Mr. Stroud was her second marriage, and he was a New York police detective. The marriage lasted from 1961-1971.
      In 1962, Simone's daughter was born.

      Lisa has changed her name to simply "Simone" and has become an overnight hit with critics and theatergoers. She has starred
      in Rent, Aida and Jesus Christ Superstar.

      While Ms. Simone's daughter, Simone, is carrying her famous name to theaters throughout the country, she is not resting on her mother's accomplishments. She has the talent and determination to make her career happen on her own terms.

      "I don't think my bloodline has opened any doors for me in this business," Simone points out. She explains she chose the name Simone because "I want to carry on the legacy. There are a lot of things that Mommy didn't get a chance to complete because of the path she chose in regards to the Civil Rights Movement."

      She adds, "It was very hard for her. One day the Civil Rights Movement was a very viable force, and the next day after all these laws were passed, it kind of deflated. For those people who were heavily involved in it, it was kind of hard to say, `Okay it's over now.'"

      Simone wrote a song in tribute to her courageous and talented mother titled The Child In Me, in which she says, "You sacrificed a normal life for the love of your people and their civil rights."

      The daughter of late jazz great Nina Simone lost a legal challenge to contest her mother's will when a judge approved a document that named Simone's longtime friend her executor.

      Any other info I'd like to hear if anyone knows it. Particularly
      a way to hear her daughter sing. Couldn't find any links to
      that, unfortunately.l

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